Launch date

December 2018


Republic of Moldova


Notice board for posting offers for the purchase of real estate, cars, equipment, etc.


  • Web Portal
  • Related IT services
  • Hosting and setup

Features (additional functions)

  • Personal user account Allows the user to access additional functions that may not be available to unregistered users. For example, the history of personal orders or access to certain sections of the site. See details

  • Custom admin panel Website control panel that adjusts individually. At the same time, any person who does not have any programming skills can work with it. See details

  • Multilingual The functionality of the site allows you to save several language versions of each page of the site in the database, and for users to switch the interface language. See details

  • Integration of External Services Connecting third-party services to automate processes such as: E-mail and SMS mailing, online payment (payment systems), CRM systems, goods accounting system, etc. See details

  • Sorting and filtering Used to make it easier to find objects (products, units) on your website. See details

  • Backend development Development of the functionality of the internal part of the website, which, as a rule, is not visible to the average user, but still plays an important role in ensuring its correct operation. See details

  • Frontend development Website layout is the development of an interface that the user sees and then interacts by opening a web page. See details

  • Online consulting / chat Connecting external services for direct communication between site users and resource managers via chat. See details

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