The largest distributor of dairy products in the territory of R.M.






Republic of Moldova


Lapmol SRL was founded in 1997 and was originally a distributor of dairy products from local producers, which is reflected in the name of the company: Lapmol - comes from the two words LAPte and MOLdovenesc, which means Moldovan milk.

Assigned tasks

  • Provide fast and high quality hosting
  • Setting up a service for exchanging certificates
  • Develop a generator of unique promo codes
  • Create a section for stock items


Due to the situation created by covid-19, fot the already existing site of the company "LAPMOL SRL", we have developed a new section of the built-in online store, with the possibility of delivery throughout the territory of R.M. As well:

  • Design of illustrations, banners etc.

  • Hosting and server administration

  • Generator of certificates, promo codes

  • Technical Support


Musteata Asea

Marketing director of SRL Lapmol

I am Musteata Asya, the Marketing Director of ICS "Lapmol" SRL and I am writing this in the support of Alexandr Cernisiov's participation in the SABIT training program "Information Technologies: Infrastructure and the Development of Startup Companies".
Our company, Lapmol SRL, is a major producer of dairy products and is an exclusive representative of well-known international companies on the market of the Republic of Moldova. It is important for us to provide quality products and to keep pace with the times. That is why, we started looking for partners who would use modern tools in online projects and our choice was based on the company Xsort Web Studio.
At the time of the beginning of cooperation, we had some technical developments that were quite difficult to use. The company Xsort Web Studio helped us to fix and improve the already existing programming code, which now allows us to withstand high traffic to the site and its heavy load.
The professionalism and innovation of Xsort employees allows us to develop our client-club, which consists in registering its participants and performing periodic drawings based on specially developed algorithms ( Innovations proposed by the employees of this company helped us in implementing many marketing solutions in web applications and make this system not only efficiently, but also user-friendly.
We thank this company, as well as its head Alexandr Cernisiov, who has established himself as a professional, reliable partner who is well versed in his business.
I am sure that for Xsort Web Studio it is a unique opportunity to learn the technologies of foreign companies, the legal norms and international standards, to exchange experience and get new knowledge, to be inspired by new ideas and, most importantly, to establish partnerships. Moreover, Alexandr Cernisiov will be an excellent trainee in this program, and he will be able to draw from it a lot of valuable information, which later he can effectively use in his work.

You can get acquainted with full text here .

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