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"Casuta Mea" - dairy products from brighty manufacturer

Launch date: February 2022

Assigned tasks

Need to make redesign of the catalog web-site, restructure, and add the ability to view all products from the manufacturer`s line.


Planning (UX design)

In order to demonstrate as soon as possible how the site will look and work, we have created a prototype of the site

Styling (UI design)

After the approval of the prototype, the project is stylized - then it becomes clear what its final appearance


Developed a website on a more modern and flexible platform, which simplifies its future optimization

The new website is fully responsive to mobile devices

The site now has a blog section where you can publish all the promotions held by the company

Each product category now has a separate page with a detailed description of the composition of each product from the selected category

Provided hosting and configured Turnkey server

The site is translated and available in 2 languages

Features (additional functions)

  • Creation of technical specifications Drawing up a main document, which describes in as much detail as possible the purpose and structure of the project, while excluding ambiguous interpretation by various performers. This is also the first step in working on a project. See details

  • Design of illustrations, banners etc. Design of additional elements for an existing site, creation of advertising banners and illustrations. See details

  • Rating system Voting and rating systems. Suitable for assessing the quality of goods / services or an internal voting system of a company, etc. See details

  • Generator of certificates, promo codes The generated certificates are stored in the database and can be used for holding promotions and discounts. With reports of when they were activated. See details

  • Personal user account Allows the user to access additional functions that may not be available to unregistered users. For example, the history of personal orders or access to certain sections of the site. See details

  • Quick registration (only email) A convenient way to register, which will help save time for users and, as a result, encourage them to register. See details

  • Backend development Development of the functionality of the internal part of the website, which, as a rule, is not visible to the average user, but still plays an important role in ensuring its correct operation. See details

  • Frontend development Website layout is the development of an interface that the user sees and then interacts by opening a web page. See details

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